Jenny Mathew and Toozac

Jenny Mathew and Toozac
True Blue Toozac (aka Toozac) at 23 years young is a “true” gentleman. He has a long history with Falcon Park which is where we managed to find each other in January 2012.

I bought him from Katie Remond who was eventing him at 1* and 2** level with some success. Although she adored Toozac she found with her uni and other sporting commitments she couldn’t continue to compete him so made the difficult decision to sell him.

At the time my son Will was working for John and Pip and suggested he would be a good horse for me. I was recovering from an injury and needed a horse that would keep me safe and help me regain my confidence. It too, really was time for Toozac to do something a little more sedate – concentrate on the dressage phase perhaps.

We have had some hiccups along the way (mainly with me) so we are slowly building our riding relationship. Because of our ages we are both a little stiff and that can make it hard for both of us but there have been some amazing moments which make it all worthwhile.

We have regular lessons with Pip who is incredibly patient and always has a positive word to say. Every now and then we go out to some of the local dressage comps and, with the number of agisters now competing at comps increasing, it has become evident that it really can be a fun day out. Everyone is supportive, helpful and manages to have a good laugh along the way. In his time Toozac has been quite a talented horse. In 2003 he won the Adelaide 4*** event with Boyd Martin.

This is what Boyd had to say about him. “My finest moment in my eventing career happened on Toozac in 2003. Being the final selection trial before the Olympics it was a red-hot field, which consisted of some of the gold medal horses from Sydney 2000. It was also the last long-format CCI**** ever held in the world. Toozac was the classiest horse I have ever ridden, and won the event with the fastest cross-country round I have ever ridden in my life. He is an unbelievable horse that almost came to me too early in my riding career.”

So I feel privileged to own such a lovely horse and hope that we can continue our partnership for a few years yet. Falcon Park provides the perfect environment for both of us. The facilities are second to none and John and Pip are dedicated to ensuring that both horse and rider are well cared for.