Henriette Wochnowski and Northern Felicity (Schatzi)

Henri and Northern Felicity( Schatzi)Henriette Wochnowski and Northern Felicity (Schatzi)

I always loved horses. When I was young I spent several holidays on pony farms where we rode most of the times bareback through the forest. At the age of 10 I was the proud owner of a black shetland pony called Fridolin. He was fat and very lazy but we had a lot of fun together. At age 14 I got too big for him and personal circumstances stopped me from riding at all.

Almost 25 years later I got back into riding and that was one of the best decisions i’ve made in a long time. I got to own my first horse, a welsh cob mare, called Strawberry. We both started to learn how to become a show jumper because that is what i always wanted since i started riding but never got the opportunity to do. I had her for 2 1/2 years but she as well was a bit too small for me. I sold her and bought my current horse “Schatzi” ( the name is from John and it is very funny when he says it with his australian accent). She is a 12 year old warmblood mare from the Northern Warmblood stud and has been jumping up to 115 tracks. Some may think (including me) I bought her in a very rushed and not really thoughtful decision, more from my heart than brain, but that’s ok. My mare has some flaws but who doesn’t? She has a big heart and a kind nature and is very forgiving. That’s very important because on my way to become a show jumper. I make lots and lots of mistakes but she puts up with it, tells me, when it’s really not ok what I’m doing and sometimes I feel she silently shakes her head and rolls her eyes because of the rider on top of her.

I came to Falcon Park in December 2012 and that was one of my best decisions I made lately as well. It is such a nice place to be and I couldn’t be happier. John and Pip are amazing, we have the best maintenance lady and photographer and of course the best grooms. The other agisters are really nice and I’m always looking forward to drive up to Falcon Park.

John is a great coach. I learned so much already, and my jumping lessons are always a highlight in my week, even if they not always go as planned. Schatzi and I are currently jumping tracks around 1.05m and we won a few ribbons so far. My goal is to be able to jump 1.15 m tracks comfortably and knowing I have a chance to win and then winning of course!!!. Well, that’s a bit to go but I’m looking forward to the challenge.